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Allow entry to only the right personnel with an Access Control System from OC Services. Based in Woking, we increase security for our clients – enabling them to restrict access based on the credentials of their staff. Our experienced team perform a full installation service throughout the UK to suit your budget and security needs, giving you full control over who can access specific areas.


With two decades of experience, we can supply and fit any access control system. We offer a full installation service from the first fix stage, to second fix commissioning and extending our work to Intruder Alarm and CCTV Systems

The Ideal Way to Improve Security

Businesses often have high-security rooms that contain sensitive data and visual equipment. To protect your company and staff, you may need to prevent access to all but a selected few. Our Access Control Systems take the hassle out of this process giving you an easy way to allow entry to the right people and upgrade their credentials as needed.

Access Control Surrey | How it Works

Access Control Systems work with a management portal that allows you to decide who can access a building, change access based on shift or even by job title. When considering the type of system for your business, you can choose between remote access, proximity readers and biometrics, just to name a few.

Once complete you'll be able to limit entry, do away with traditional keys and verify a member of staff before they enter.

Electronic releases 

Working alongside a keypad, button or proximity reader, the Access Control System releases the door through an electrical strike. These come in fail-safe and fail-secure options, so you can decide whether they lock or unlock given the electric current.

Electro-Magnetic Locks

Also known as Maglocks, these combine an armature plate with an electromaget that fixes the door in place. The card reader or push to exit buton stops the power, which releases the electromagnet for easy access to the authorised person.

Proximity Access

With door control units, release mechanisms, readers and a power supply, proximity access control works by using a card or fob. The door will release for a valid token, improving security for your business.


OC Services also provide cutting-edge access control technology. This includes the option for fingerprint or vocal restrictions, enabling maximum security for traits that can't ever be copied or stolen.

Digital Locks

It's not always practical to give key cards to large numbers of staff. As such, we can install digital door locks and keypads for a cost-effective alternative. Simply set the code, give it out to members of staff, and change the number as often as you like for an easy way to boost security.

Remote Access

With OC Services, you can enhance your security with remote access and monitor multiple access control systems across various sites. Our team can provide a survey and discuss everything from remote access to Commercial CCTV, lock upgrades, and Intruder Alarm Systems. Get in touch with us today to take your security to the next level.

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